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  • Is your applicant truly a college graduate?
  • Is that MBA or Law degree valid?
  • Did your applicant really work for all those employers?
  • Has your applicant been convicted of a serious crime?

WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOUR JOB APPLICANTS can embarrass you, compromise security and workplace safety and expose you to costly lawsuits or other legal liabilities.

Before you make the job offer, call SCREENTHEM®, a division of Beltrante & Associates, a full service pre-employment screening company since 1977. We'll interview your applicant's former employers, check criminal and credit histories and verify academic and professional credentials.

We'll deliver your initial results within 48 to 72 hours through our online QuickCheck system or our easy-to-read custom reports via e-mail or fax. It's fast, easy and cost-effective.

Plus, with our experts handling the screenings, you never have to worry about missing crucial facts or violating today's complex privacy or hiring laws. The work we deliver is always legally compliant.

Being in business for 30 years gives us the know-how to cover more ground in less time. We will provide you with a comprehensive screening in an affordable, cost effective and timely manner. Our courteous, highly skilled and professional staff represents…

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